Despite its young age, our company has already participated in numerous scientific collaborations. Indeed, more and more research institutes and universities decide to tap into metaSysX's resources and expertise as a comfortable and affordable option for expediting their research.

Below are several basic-research projects to which we contributed.

Mapping the Arabidopsis metabolic landscape by untargeted metabolomics at different environmental conditions

In this ambitious project, numerous novel genes that control secondary metabolism in the model plant Arabidopsis were identified by employing a so-called genome-wide association study: the abundance levels of thousands of metabolites from hundreds of Arabidopsis strains were mathematically correlated to known markers in the genome, establishing an information-rich network of gene–metabolite associations. LC–MS/MS fragment analysis, which often contributes to the annotation of ambiguous compounds, was performed at metaSysX.

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Lsd1 ablation triggers metabolic reprogramming of brown adipose tissue

Adipocytes are the lipid warehouses in animals. Whereas white adipocytes store fats and are responsible in great part for obesity, brown adipocytes dispense fat and provide energy. In this study, published in the high-impact Cell Reports, a gene encoding a demethylase was shown to be crucial in maintaining the characteristics of brown adipose tissue. Metabolomic and lipidomic profiling performed at metaSysX revealed a dramatic metabolic shift in brown adipocytes with a deactivated demethylase. Understanding the homeostasis of brown and white adipocates is crucial for addressing obesity.

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Metabolic robustness in young roots underpins a predictive model of maize hybrid performance in the field

Crossing between different strains often results in offspring with improved qualities. In the case of crop plants this phenomenon, called heterosis or hybrid vigor, may translate to higher biomass, yield, or resistance to pathogens, and it has been extensively exploited by breeders. In this study metabolomic profiling, conducted at metaSysX, was performed on young seedling roots. The obtained data could be used to robustly predict heterosis. This constitutes a step in bridging the so-called greenhouse–field gap, a major challenge in breeding endeavors.

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Inactivation of Lsd1 triggers senescence in trophoblast stem cells by induction of Sirt4

The importance of stem cells for regenration of damaged tissue cannot be overstated. With time stem cells lose their capacity to differentiate, resulting in aging and death. Stress and disorders too may impair stem-cell function, again leading to accelarated aging. In this study an important epigenetic enzyme (Lsd1) was found to be a crucial regulator of the metabolic homeostasis of embryonic stem cells. Deleting this enzyme resulted in senescence in these stem cells and in severe metabolic imbalance—as determined by metabolomic profiling performed at metaSysX.

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Compound annotation in liquid chromatography/high-resolution mass spectrometry based metabolomics: robust adduct ion determination as a prerequisite to structure prediction in electrospray ionization mass spectra

In this method article scientists from Berlin present a new tool for the annotation of spectra deriving from electrospray ionization (ESI) mass spectrometry. Current approaches suffer from scant validation and are proprietry. The new tool is publically available and was, with metaSysX's help, validated against more than a thousand positive ESI spectra.

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A plant/fungal-type phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase located in the parasite mitochondrion ensures glucose-independent survival of Toxoplasma gondii

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A metabolic cooperativity of glucose and glutamine is essential for the lytic cycle of obligate intracellular parasite Toxoplasma gondii

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Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite that at any given time asymptomatically infects around half of the world's humans. In many cases disease can develop. In these two studies, conducted by Humboldt-University (Berlin, Germany) investigators, it is shown that when the parasite proliferates in the body it is dependent on glucose and glutamine as carbon sources. Metabolomic profiling of isotope-labeled parasites performed at metaSysX helped define carbon fluxes both in intact parasites and in ones deficient in certain transporters and enzymes that support central metabolism. The resemblence in metabolic phenotype between replicating Toxoplasma cells and cancer cells may hold therapeutic implications.

Medicinal bioprospecting of the Amazon rainforest: a modern Eldorado?

In this review article the potential of rainforest-derived natural products to be used as medicines is discussed, with a focus on the way new technologies can be utilized to tap into this resource. metaSysX scientists contributed their insights with regard to the usage of modern metabolomic analysis techniques in supporting combinatorial chemistry efforts to unravel new medicinal compounds from rainforest material.

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Metabolomics: Methode zur Authentizitätsprüfung am Beispiel von Wein

Metabolomics zur Authentizitätsprüfung

In this short review, published in the journal of the German Agricultural Society as well as in Das Deutsche Weinmagazin, one of metaSysX's mainstay collaborations is presented. The project revolved around the authentication of wine origin and quality. The profiling of thousands of samples resulted in a metabolomics-based mathematical model of impressive prediction capacity. This work underscores metaSysX's complementary competencies and diversity of activities.

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Metabolomics of dates (Phoenix dactylifera) reveals a highly dynamic ripening process accounting for major variation in fruit composition

Like many other fruits, dates come in many shapes, forms, tastes, and consistencies. In this study, conducted in Qatar, metaSysX-assisted metabolomic and lipidomic profiling of many date varieties in various developmental stages helped to gain insight into the underlying mechanisms of natural variation in this fruit. The results show that dates start to metabolically diverge already when they are still unripe, leading eventually to distinct mature varieties.

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Check our team publications

Identification of functional lipid metabolism biomarkers of brown adipose tissue aging
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Lichen depsides and depsidones reduce symptoms of diseases caused by tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) in tobacco leaves.
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TargetSearch--a Bioconductor package for the efficient preprocessing of GC-MS metabolite profiling data.
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Transcript and Metabolite Analysis of the Trichoderma-induced Systemic Resistance Response to Pseudomonas syringae in Arabidopsis thaliana
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Metabolomic Profiling of 13 Diatom Cultures and Their Adaptation to Nitrate-Limited Growth Conditions
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Organization and Evolution of Brain Lipidome Revealed by Large-Scale Analysis of Human, Chimpanzee, Macaque, and Mouse Tissues
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Systemic Analysis of Inducible Target of Rapamycin Mutants Reveal a General Metabolic Switch Controlling Growth in Arabidopsis thaliana.
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Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography and High Resolution Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Plant Lipids
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Elemental formula annotation of polar and lipophilic metabolites using 13C, 15N and 34S isotope labelling, in combination with high‐resolution mass spectrometry
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