metaSysX stands for metabolomic system analysis. We identify ourselves as a systems-oriented company with a strong footing in mathematical modeling and integrative data analysis.

A spin-off from the world-renowned Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology in Potsdam, Germany, its foundation came to address a growing demand from industry and academia for a competent and comprehensive fee-for-service in the field of metabolomics. In addition to a state-of-the-art analytical platform, we specialize in complex statistical data analysis and integration with genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, and phenomic data.

The metabolome comprises all small molecules—metabolites—present in a given living organism. The importance of exploring the metabolome in diagnostic, basic-research, translational, and commercial endeavors is increasingly being recognized.

metaSysX is a name you can trust—your companion in all matters metabolomics!


There are countless reasons to delve into the plant metabolome

Metabolites mediate a broad range of phenotypic phenomena. From resistance to pathogens, via yield, productivity, and biomass, to taste and appearance—the metabolome constitutes a unique signature that is worth unraveling.

Snapshots of the metabolome give insights into the determinants that underlie natural variation—the astonishing diversity often seen between different strains of the same plant. Correlating between strain-unique molecular markers and metabolite levels is routinely used for discovering new metabolic genes in so-called genome-wide association studies.

But the metabolome is dynamic, too: its alteration upon stimulus or stress has led to the uncovering of many response mechanisms on a molecular level.

And finally: metabolite levels can serve as predictors of traits of interest. What lipid classes are prominent in your drought-resistant strain? Send us your samples to find out!


The era of predictive, tailored medicine and high-throughput pharmaceutical discovery wouldn't be what it is were it not for metabolomics.

"You are what you eat"—but more aptly, you are what becomes of what you eat: in health, in disease, and under treatment.

Alterations in metabolite levels are now known to be a hallmark not only of so-called metabolic disorders, but of conditions of every type. Our metabolomic profiling is faster, cheaper, and more comprehensive than many clinical tests. Analysis of affected individuals leads to the definition of metabolic markers for disease. In turn, the usage of these in healthy people can predict tendencies; and can help assess prognosis in the sick.

By the same token, the effect of drugs on metabolite levels can predict curative potential before anything else is seen. How can metabolomics help you track the pharmacokinetics and understand the side effects of your new drug? Send us your samples to find out!


In an age of globalization and plenty, which products on the supermarket shelf can you trust ?

Hidden ingredients, impurities, contaminants, obscure origins: these plagues of the modern food industry can be addressed at least in part thanks to the advent of high-throughput metabolomics.

Our dedicated analytical platform, comprehensive database, and modeling methods allow an innovative take on food-quality assurance. Origins, strains, and purity can be authenticated; manufacturing procedures monitored; and standard-compliance verified.

Is your olive oil indeed extra virgin? Does your wine originate from where the label claims? Send us your samples to find out!


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